Software Factory

Problem:  Organizations have been leaning toward buying off the shelf systems rather than building systems. Such organizations may not have developers available to respond to the changing needs of the business.  

Solution: The QTG software factory is staffed with developers, project management, QA, and all of the resources needed to take your requirements, drive them through an agile development process and provide you a tested system that meets your business’ needs.

IT Managed Services Company CNMI

As organizations embark upon the journey of digital transformation, they may buy the best systems that are commercially available.   After many such acquisitions, the organization will find that these systems are essentially departmental silos of information.  The organization may also find that the off-the-shelf system simply has more features than were needed, making the system too complicated for the business to use effectively. 

The QTG software factory will connect your systems together through APIs and integration. As a result, we help you to break down the silos and reduce the need to enter the same data in multiple systems.  In some cases, sometimes a custom system is needed to provide an elegant way to automate a business process and provide a new capability to the employees or customers.   In these cases, the QTG software factory brings the skills to build exactly the system you need.