IT Assessment

During an IT Assessment, we evaluate your as-is technology and business processes to determine a target architecture that sets you on the path to meet your business goals.

Our approach focuses on business objectives and capabilities, as well as technical capabilities related to applications, software and hardware infrastructure, technical support and data center operations. QTG consultants will collaborate with business and IT stakeholders to rationalize and prioritize your IT initiatives and jointly develop the IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap.

Understanding IT Assessment

An IT assessment seeks to minimize costs, mitigate risk, and continually improve management and security by modernizing and creating an effective IT structure.

The simplest form of the test allows you to find out what works and what does not.

It is also useful to obtain information about interesting questions, such as to what extent does innovation support the overall business process and privilege objectives?

Do you currently have an IT environment in line with innovation best practices?

To what extent does your association’s security position differ from others? What are your plans to innovate when issues arise?

In comparison to other organizations in your industry, what is your association’s IT spending?

Are there any actions your association should take to improve its IT environment?