Architecture, as applied to information technology, represents an intentional design of varying aspects of a system. A system that is poorly designed will not perform well and not meet your needs.  A well-designed architect is used to guide the acquisition and integration of systems to enable the strategic goals of the organization.

QTG Architects are familiar with architectural frameworks and lifecycles which can be applied across multiple industries and domains.  We assist you in evaluating your current state architecture, defining a target state that meets your goals.  From there, we will provide the assistance necessary to help you make the transition from your current state to the target state.

We help you pick the proper frameworks, lifecycles and design methodologies from industry standards such as:

      • TOGAF
      • Zachman Framework
      • ISO/IEC 42010
      • Unified Modeling Language
      • SCRUM
      • DevOps
      • Model Driven Architecture / Implemenation

The figure above depicts a conceptual view of an architectural framework that includes a User Interface, Business Process, Services, Messages, and Enterprise Information Systems.  In addition to conceptual views, such as the one above,  logical and physical views of greater detail are also part of a architecture implementation.

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